Create a User Account

The first step is getting the information needed to assign a User as a Member. If the business, church, or organization doesn’t have an account with Dignity Roasters yet, have them¬†fill out this form.

Assigning Membership to User

Once an account is created, take these steps to assign membership:

  1. Login to the backend of the website with an administration account.
  2. Navigate to “Woocommerce>Memberships“.
  3. Click on the “Add Members” button near the top left
  4. Start typing in the name of the person of business you want to add as a member and select it.
  5. Click Add Member.
  6. Once on the “Add New User Membership” screen, select the type of “Plan” you want to assign it to (Church or Business)
  7. Click “Save” to add them. DONE!


That’s it! Once you click the save button they are officially a member and now have access to bulk coffee orders.

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